Honda X-ADV

Digitas LBi and YCN approached us to make an art-piece in response to Honda's new product, the X-ADV, that would be used as subject matter in a short film series being made to celebrate the bikes release.

We worked with the Italian designers of Honda's new bike, to create a sculptural piece that illustrated the "two worlds in one" theme behind the bikes design - a city bike that will also give you the freedom to transition into nature and explore off-road.

Our concept was to create a form representing the city and splitting this form with contour lines taken directly from the form of the X-ADV, to reveal an image of nature and adventure.

After the initial concept sketches, we used a combination of digital design and hand-crafted modelling techniques to develop and create the piece.

Many thanks go to the skilled hands of the mighty Kyle Bean for his expertise and assistance on the build and to Tobias Wüstefeld for his incredible, spontaneous on-shoot-addition of a hand-crafted miniture X-ADV bike. Check out the other artists incredible pieces for this campaign on Honda's website.