Projects in category: Paper

Nissan Juke: Folded In Britain

To mark the 5th birthday of the Nissan Juke, Owen Gildersleeve approached us to help him create a life-sized, origami inspired paper car, to tie in with the company's Japanese roots.

Holland & Barrett Conference

An installation for the reception of Holland and Barrett's 2014 Conference, commissioned by Meet and Potato. Owen Gildersleeve and I collaborated to create this cheerful conversation piece, made entirely out of Holland & Barrett product, with paper-cut features and signage.

After a very enjoyable supermarket sweep, the playful scene featured some remarkable creations such as rice cake trees and clouds, wheat bran pathways, remedy bottle people and even a vitamin pot helter skelter and ferris wheel. If someone had told us about this job when we were five years old...

Paper Iron Man

Another impressive collaboration with mighty talented Owen Gildersleeve. We were approached by the organisers of the Silicon Valley Comic Con to create a life-size paper sculpture of Iron Man to help them promote their next event in Tokyo.

The model was built in separate parts in London over a four week period and then the individual components were shipped out to San Jose, California, where we pieced the model together live at the show over the course of the three day event.

60,000 people passed through the San Jose Convention Centre over the weekend and the response to the Iron Man sculpture and performance build was amongst the best we've ever had.

To help support the paper net shell of the sculpture, we used computer aided design software to devise an inner foamboard framework, that would flat-pack, enabling it to be posted over to the American convention centre before the event, ready for assembly onsite. The model also housed an Arduino driven lighting circuit, which we designed to make the "heart reactor" pulse and the eyes flicker. You can see an example video on Owen's Instagram.

You can see more making-of shots as well as some of the amazing costumes from the show on our Instagram.

Colour Tracking Owl

A colour tracking owl made from custom designed, 3d printed parts, with beautiful, autumnal, paper cut feathers, in collaboration with our good friend Owen Gildersleeve.

Tanz Mit Uns / Pssst

An interactive electronic installation, made in collaboration with Dominic Lane. 'Tanz mit uns' uses Flexinol muscle wire (a shape memory alloy), connected to an ultrasonic range sensor, through an Arduino microcontroller, which enables the paper crafted flower to dance in response to human movement.

Its Nice That 400 Boats

Four hundred bespoke, working toy boats commissioned by It's Nice That for Push Print London, as Christmas customer relation gifts. Made in collaboration with the illustrator Sroop Sunar.

The boats were made from a selection of exotic hardwood off-cuts, with wood veneer sails and wood dowel masts. All of the boats were hand crafted and oiled to give each product a more personal and bespoke feeling of quality.

A short 'making-of' film was created to accompany them and can be viewed below:

Lush Moving Window Display

A collaboration with Owen Gildersleeve and YCN to create a moving window display for Lush's flagship Oxford Street store in London. The project was based around illustrations by Charlotte Day, that we developed into three-dimensional electronic, mechanical and structural display elements.