Projects in category: Metal

ServiceBrand Global Pyramid

A tactile executive desk toy, 3d printed in a bronze metal co-polymer material for ServiceBrand Global business consultants.

Dewars Whisky Distillery Installation

We were contacted by StinkDigital and Mr. President to collaborate on this live kinetic sculpture, which we made to fit inside a sawn off cask for the Dewars Whisky Company.

The installation now sits in Dewar's distillery in Scotland and contains a micro-controller that connects it to the internet, creating a link between their website and their physical premises. Every time someone visits the Dewar's website, numerical lights inside the whisky bottles display the new number of web hits.

This piece also has another incredible and more animate feature... The micro-controller inside this kinetic sculpture also triggers these 3D printed Dewar's logo gears and cogs, to burst into movement every time a set number of website visitors log onto the site (see video below). These parts have all been hand painted and finished to ensure the extra attention to detail required for such a unique piece.

House Of Fairytales

A piece of fantastical upcycled storage furniture, complete with working lamp and wheels. Commissioned by The House Of Fairytales for their grand festival tour and created in collaboration with the hugely talented Edwin Peel.

The sculptural composition of this wonderfully eccentric piece of furniture was achieved using advanced carpentry and joinery techniques, after which it was hand painted and finished to give it a playful and child-like appeal.

Sound Installation Hardware

We were commissioned to design and make free-standing metal hardware for a permanent, interactive sound installation for Cleethorpes Acadamy, UK.

The hardware consisted of 6 units designed to house infra-red sensor and 1 lectern that holds an iPad interface. The sensor units pick up and track human movement, which is then processed by specially designed software on the iPad and seamlessly translated into sound.

The equipment will predominantly be used to aid music/sound lessons and performances. The interactive system is great for very young children, as they often do not have the extra dexterity needed to play more traditional musical instruments.

Photographed by: Jon Aaron Green

Smugglers Bedside Chest

The inspiration for this charming little chest of drawers, was taken from a time when people wore their riches and the vunerability of their items at night. Commissioned by a private client.

The chest contains multiple secret compartments concealed around the piece, that use various bespoke mechanisms to keep your valuables securely hidden.


A playful take on an iconic game. Hand-cast metal chess pieces, on a hand-painted wooden board that contains sliding, moving and magnetically repelling squares.

Photographed by: Jon Aaron Green

Cadbury Sweet Shop

A bespoke and mobile sweet shop that we created in collaboration with Nicholas Bartlett of NPB 88. Nick contacted us to help him to turn his concept drawings, based around his marvelous Sui-Shi Dome structures, into a real physical space for Cadbury to promote and sell their merchandise at events up and down the UK.

We pre-fabricated the venue in a workshop space outside London. It was designed to collapse into the back of a curtain-side lorry, so that it could be deconstructed, moved and rebuilt at multiple event sites in the UK.

To make this very unusual construction fit neatly into and around the curved and octagonal Sui-Shi Domes, we used a mixture of computer based software with more traditional carpentry/model making techniques.

Build Conference Brass Nuts

Lovingly hand cast, solid brass nuts that we created in collaboration with the design guru Jez Burrows for Build Conference. Each of the speakers at Build received one of these handmade, tactile objects, based around the conference logo.

A short "making of" performance film was created to accompany the gifts and was shown at the conference to help add a greater sense of value between the recipients and their bespoke items.

Fairytale Chair

A fairytale inspired chair, with hardwood dovetail features and hand forged ironwork bracing, designed and made for a private client.

Creative Circle Award

The Creative Circle Award celebrates creativity within advertising. 2014 became a rather fun and mischievous year with our friends at The Creative Circle, as we helped them develop and produce these beautiful, frosted, transparent awards, containing other peoples smashed up awards that were sent in response to an "awards amnesty".

Each award was crowned with a real gold plaque, with photo-etched Creative Circle logo and laser engraved details. We also made them an accompanying "making of" video for them to show their guests and winners at the awards ceremony, which was held at The Roundhouse in London.